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Answering your frequently asked questions
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Q: Do you paint nationally/ internationally?

Love knows no bounds. I'm available to book anywhere as long as accommodation is provided (i.e. transportation, housing, food, etc.). Please contact me for more info.


Q: Will I get the painting the same day?

Over the last ten years my wedding paintings have become more and more detailed. I might want to add more time in the studio free of charge. I will inform you at the end of the night. My turn around time to finish a painting in the studio is usually 2-3 months. For destination weddings I usually request an accommodation of 2-3 hotel nights to make sure I finish painting on location and avoid shipping. 


Q: What should I expect when you arrive to my wedding?

I usually arrive early between 2 and 3 pm to get started capturing the environment of the reception. It is of crucial importance that your planner/caterer/floor manager knows of my arrival and has a spot reserved for me no less than 4x6 ft. that boasts good sight lines to the dance floor, has access to electricity and is visible to the guests for the entertainment value of my service.


Q: What is your refund policy?

1) If I can't make it due to my own fault of any kind (scheduling conflicts/ illness/etc.), I will refund your retainer.

2) If you move/reschedule your wedding date I will make every effort to accommodate the change. In the event that I can, I shall keep the deposit until the new date or paint from photographs.

3) If another client is ready to book me for your date and I refuse said client 


Q: Can I include friends and family in my painting?

Yes! It is important that they be brought to my station early so I may take snap shots of them (pictures sent prior won't help much as the wedding hairstyle and clothing will most likely not match). I can add immediate family members for free if I depict them in a loose, sketchy way. Exact likenesses most likely will have to be perfected in the studio for $100/person.

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